Where to look for your color choices


We have color choices for solid colors, flakes, metallic, silica sand quartz and so many more options. We are a custom installer which means you can have exactly what you would like on the floor. 


If you do not see exactly the color you are looking for, let's design it just for you. Custom blends are the owners specialty. Many clients want to add just a little lagniappe to their floor. 


Solid Color Choices





Custom colors available.

Effective June 2021: There is a material shortage that is making it difficult to obtain flakes. We have 3 distributors that we use and all are encountering a shortage of the raw materials. These are the flakes that are eligible for the moment. We also have a myriad of flakes in stock that are over and above these. Please call to see what is availalbe. 239-931-3108. 

As soon as the flake market rebounds, we will all be grateful for an open economy within the USA. 

Remember, Garagefeet Floor Coatings has over 40 flake options over and above this selection. Customize your floor today.




Flake Choices

Flake Solid Colors

The options are limitless, the colors are amazing and you are in control. 

Upgraded Flake Options (pricing adjustment will apply)

Metallic Color Choices

Silica Sand Quartz

MICA Chip Flakes


Water based stain colors

MMA Color Choices

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