What do I do with all of the stuff in my garage/home?



We make it easy by providing a service to store your items on your site or offsite. 


You get 1-2 employee's to unload your garage for you and when we are done installing your floor and the floor has cured, they come back to unload the StorTemp trailer. 


The great part about this is that you don't have to worry about loading and unloading the area. The  trailer(s) can hold most items. Although, the refridgerator typically has to be put on the side of the house. Don't worry they have tarps for that.....and dolly's, moving blankets and tie-downs for the trailer.


Washer/dryer's, boxes, tool boxes and all of the lawn equipment is stored safely and securely.   


Let us help you and make it easy. 


-7- Day rental fee: $350


 (Pricing includes a total of 1 hour loading and unloading within a 30 mile area. Additional fee's may apply for labor when >1 hour is required. $75 per additional hour(s) paid upon completion. 


Call to reserve your week. Contract and fee's are paid at the time of booking.




(Shorter and longer rental periods available upon request.)



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