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We are concrete floor coatings experts, and quality is our top priority.  We will come to your home or office, help you select your new floor, walk you through all the steps, then provide our services to your fullest satisfaction.  We guarantee the work of our professional installation and stand behind our quality promise.


The owner of GarageFeet Floor Coatings, LLC, founded this company after working for one of the largest concrete floor coatings companies in the United States.  He has brought the experience of years of installing industrial floors in military aircraft hangers, warehouses, auto dealerships, and service buildings to Southwest Florida.


We do one thing and one thing only...polymer coatings.  We do not install concrete, tile, or pavers so we can concentrate on making polymer coatings our specialty. We are a local, family-run business that specializes in coatings for floors under 100,000 square feet.  We take the small jobs that other companies won't touch, yet we are equipped and staffed to take on the larger jobs as well.  We are dedicated to customer service and installing a product that looks great and lasts for many years.


Of course, nothing recommends us more than praise from our past customers. You can read testimonials from our satisfied customers on our site as well. Allowing someone to come in to your space to install the perfect flooring solution takes trust. We appreciate that trust, and we would like to install a beautiful and long-lasting epoxy and urethane floor for you today!



Reflector Enhancer Coffee and Orange Gold

Double broadcast silica quartz sand floor, with Neogard 70734/70735 epoxy seal coat and Neogard 70805/7952 urethane top coat.  Sand blend is "sagebrush".  This particular floor has a 6" cove base, hand troweled, for ease of cleaning.

4-coat, Full Broadcast color-flake sytem, gray base coat, "Torginol B-910" flakes, Grout coat is a hybrid, UV stable, crystal-clear epoxy.  Clear Chemical Resistant Urethane top coat with glass beads for slip resistance.

Partial Flake - Medium Broadcast color-flake sytem, light grey basecoat, "Black marble blend" flakes, Chemical Resistant Urethane topcoat with glass beads.

Partial Flake - Medium Broadcast color-flake sytem, light grey basecoat, "Electric Blue" flakes, Chemical Resistant Urethane topcoat with glass beads.

Full Broadcast color-flake sytem, tan basecoat, "Light Earth Tone blend" flakes, clear epoxy topcoat with glass beads.

Partial Flake - Medium Broadcast color-flake system, light grey bascoat, "Harley Chrome" flakes, Chemical Resistant Urethane topcoat.

Light gray epoxy with anti-skid

Tan epoxy.


Light Gray Neogard TrafficTuff vehicle and pedistrian traffic system.

"Beach" colored Rustoleum Restore concrete and deck coating.

"Greywash" colored Rustoleum Restore concrete and deck coating.

"Copper Mine" metallic epoxy.

"Manatee and Dolphin" blend metallic in clear epoxy.

"Electric Blue" blend micro-flake broadcast system.

"Electric Blue" blend 1/4" full-flake broadcast system.

"Black Marble" blend micro-flake broadcast system.

Partial Flake - "Wine Barrel" blend medium broadcast decorative flake system.

"Tan" colored Gulf Synthetics Revive concrete and deck coating.

Full Broadcast Color-Flake system, tan basecoat, "Light Earth Tone" flakes, clear epoxy sealcoat, and Chemical Resistant Urethane topcoat with glass beads.

Heavy Broadcast Color-Flake system, tan basecoat, "Autumn Brown" flakes, Chemical Resistant Urethane topcoat with glass beads.

Medium Broadcast Color-Flake system, tan basecoat, "Autumn Brown" flakes, Chemical Resistant Urethane topcoat with glass beads.

"Coffee Blend" Color Quartz system, using high performance, UV stable silica sand in clear epoxy, with clear Chemical Resistant Urethane topcoat.

"Southern Moss" Color Quartz system, using high-performance, UV stable silica sand in clear epoxy, with clear Chemical Resistant Urethane topcoat.

"Multy Mica" Decorative Flake system, with medium broadcast of Mica Flakes in black epoxy basecoat, with clear Chemical Resistant Urethane topcoat.

"Harley Blend" Decorative Flake system, with medium broadcast of flakes in black epoxy basecoat, with clear Chemical Resistant Urethane topcoat.

Metallic epoxy system.  Black epoxy basecoat with cyrstal clear epoxy wear coat with special pigments.

What exactly is an epoxy floor?



Epoxy, in laymans terms, is a general term used to describe a chemical polymer known as a resin, combined with a curing agent, to make a hard, durable, and bonded substance.  We use commercial-grade, 100% solids epoxy products, customized to the specific needs of your floor system.  Most of our epoxies have very little odor, are shock resistant, self-leveling, and resistant to a variety of common chemicals. We use both solvent based and water based epoxies, depending on the specific need.  Our proven floor preparation process insures optimum adhesion of the floor system to the substrate.  As our slogan says, "Our floors stick!"  We carry the full line of commercial coatings from Neogard, General Polymers, SIKA, Floorguard, Rustoleum, Torginol, Elite Crete, and H & C.


The benefits to owning an epoxy floor system are many.  Customers have told us they were embarrassed by their oil-stained, cracked, pitted, or discolored floor.  Epoxy floor systems create a beautiful, seamless, and protective surface to show off that new Harley or Lexus, and provides peace-of-mind knowing that an accidental spill of gasoline or oil will wipe up easily with just a towel. Urethane top coats provide a natural slip-resistant surface, chemical resistance, and UV stability.  Polymer floors can also add value to your home or business.


Epoxy and Urethane floor systems installed in your shop, warehouse, factory, or retail  establishment creates a WOW! factor for your customers and provides protection and durability for your employees.  Your floor is the first thing a customer sees when entering your business, so why should they see old, faded, or broken tile or carpet that is constantly worn and dirty?  Epoxy and urethane floors are great-looking, very durable, and are super easy to clean and maintain.  


For outdoor needs, such as a patios, lanais, boat docks, sun decks or pool decks, we use a variety of solvent and water based sealers, cement-based coatings, elastomerics, and some UV stable epoxies. These coatings are specifically designed to take the severe heat, humidity, and UV exposure here in Southwest Florida.  Our cement-based coatings have excellent UV stability and are designed to allow moisture to escape from the substrate.  They have great color retention, are easy to clean and maintain, and offer long service life.   These coatings can be used on both wood and concrete, and will cover cracks up 1/4 inch wide.




Surface preparation

Removing existing epoxy coating.
Shot blasting is the preferred profiling method used whenever possible.
Grinding profiles the concrete for coating.
Grinding profiles the concrete for coating.
We hand-grind all corners and edges.

Epoxy Coatings

After back-rolling, epoxy begins to dry to gloss finish.
Light Grey basecoat epoxy application with squeegee.

Urethane coatings

Light Grey chemical resistant urethane being rolled on.
Tan basecoat epoxy application with squeegee.
Top-coats such as this gloss finish urethane lock in the anti-slip grit that was broadcast into the epoxy.
Clear CRU with glass beads anti-skid being rolled on.

Color chips and anti-slip additives

"Electric Blue" blended color chips, medium broadcast, are sprinkled into the base coat.
"Electric Blue" blended color chips on gray epoxy, med. broadcast. Topcoat of clear Chemical Resistant Urethane.
"Light earth tone" color chips on tan epoxy, topcoated with clear epoxy.

Pool deck restoration

Old pool deck paint is removed to ensure new paint adhesion.
Old pool deck paint is removed to ensure new paint adhesion.
Finished pool deck coating in "Dune" color.

Boat dock restoration

First deck coating being rolled on.
Deck is sanded or pressure washed as necessary.

Troweled epoxy repairs

Grinding metal sticking out of the floor.
We troweled epoxy on this floor to feather a concrete lip, leveling the floor before coating.
Finished product. 3 coat decorative flake epoxy floor.


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